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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 4, 2009 7:47pm-8:00pm EDT

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he says he's not making any promises. and that's a fox "watch across america." >> we're now learning about a scam that we're told has targeted thousands of americans and conned them out of millions of dollars. how it happened and who got cheated and the problem with punishing the con men themselves. that's coming up. welcome to the now network. right now five co-workers are working from the road
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shepard: finally, closure for the family of a navy pilot who disappeared from iraq 18 years ago. relatives of scott speicher have been given briefings about his disappearance in iraq. his plane was shot down the first night of the persian gulf war back in 1991 and he became the first american lost in that conflict. his family was told over the weekend that the marines had
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identified his remains. their lawyer says the navy pilot will be laid to rest in the jacksonville, florida, area, in accordance with his wishes. the white house today gave a bit of weight to mahmoud ahmadinejad's second term as president of iran. a reporter asked the white house press secretary, robert gibbs, if the obama administration recognized ahmadinejad as the country's legitimate president, and gibbs said, "he's the elected leader." of course, mousavi would likely disagree. he's fighting the results of last month's election in iran in which he lost to ahmadinejad. mousavi's wife says he will keep up the fight. that's according to a post on an iranian opposition website today. now to a transatlantic scam that may have targeted close to 200,000 elderly americans. nearly a dozen suspected con artists in israel have been arrested, charged with running a phony lottery sweepstakes. they stand accused of bilking many of those americans out of $25 million. we're told the scammers had
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personal information on the victims, including phone numbers. the story now from jerusalem. >> oh, my gosh. i have something here that says i've won $500,000. >> it's called the nigerian sting, except it was done from israel. this one, an elaborate lottery scam that swindled $25 million from elderly americans. the calls were made from an office in tel aviv. >> we've never, never, never, never lied to anyone, taken anything from anyone. >> the scammers got the phone numbers of the elderly from legitimate lottery slips like these. but those were resold for marketing purposes to this phony company. they obtained the personal details of 185,000 americans. the suspects, most in their 20's, if convicted in the u.s., could face decades in prison. the f.b.i., working closely with israeli authorities,
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planted hidden cameras that helped bust the operation. the u.s. wants the suspects extradited. >> these people targeted elderly victims in the u.s. the social damage was in the u.s. the united states authorities want to prosecute them and they should be extradited. >> the defense authorities indicate that since the scam was done in israel, they should be prosecuted here. >> if they will be found guilty, they will be sent to jail for many years here in israel. there is no need to transfer hundreds of officers to testify against them in the united states. >> the suspects are expected to appear in court on august 12 to determine whether any of them will receive bail. fox news. shepard: well, some drinkmakers claim their beverages give you wings or unleash the beast. but now there is one claiming to help you slow your role. we're told it's all natural. why is it being compared to an illegal drug? and across the pond, they're mourning the loss of a huge
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shepard: top stories coming up. but, first, a new anti-energy drink that we're told some folks are calling weed in a can. the drink is called drank and we're told it uses only legal ingredients, some of which are said to relieve stress. the company that makes it says it is a quote, extreme relaxation beverage and can be used as an alternative to smoking pot. we're told the drink carries a warning for drowsiness. so far it's being sold only in arizona. tonight, england is in mourning. one of the nation's most beloved celebrities has died a celebrity near rock star nor royalty. this super star is a fish. the 64-pound carp to be exact. the most famous one in britain. you doubt? just check out the "times" of london, a paper owned by our
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parent company, news of benson the carp's death on the front page above the fold no less. fisherman came from far and wide to rip it from the lake. he had been caught and released 60 times. >> i have been tried for 20 years. obviously i'm not going to now. it it's a loss. it's t. was a fantastic fish. shepard: we're told it will be sent to a tax determinist. it was too large to flush down the toilet. two journalists held in north korea since marsh are now on their way home. former president clinton met with the leader and helped secure pardons. cash for clunkers not over yet. harry reid said it will vote to extend the program before summer recess. on this day in 1944, an anone news tipster led the gestapo to the hiding place of a young
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jewish girl named ann frank. earlier in hitler's regime he moved his family from germany to amsterdam when the nazis invaded they hid for two years in secret rooms at the rear of otto's office. she kept a diary of her ordeal and sent the franks to various concentration camps. she died. troops found her father alive. he had ann's diary published it sold millions of


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